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Wholesale Discount Solution

The Wholesale Discount Solution lets you create discounts for specific groups of products and customers. Offer discounts to your customers with few clicks.

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Wholesale Discount Solution makes it easy to create wholesale pricing based on customer tags. Split your audience into different customer groups and pricing tiers.

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Wholesale Registration

The app allows embedding the Wholesale Registration page to the website. Assign tags automatically for sign-ups via the Wholesale Registration page.

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Wholesale section

Wholesale Discount Solution adds a dynamic wholesale section to your store. The wholesale section is built to enable, a faster experience on add-to-cart and quantity management for your customers.

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Flat Shipping & Min Requirements

Set special shipping rates and apply minimum order limits (weight, amount, quantity) for tag based wholesale customers.

Wholesale Discount Solution

Plug & Play wholesale pricing for your B2B and B2C customers.